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Join Glenn Whitehead and Marty Menard as they discuss, argue, and debate everything from news and food to business and parenthood, all through the lens of veganism. Sometimes they’ll have guests, sometimes they won’t. TWO REASONABLE VEGANS is a take-no-prisoners style show that isn’t afraid to provoke either side of any debate.

Meet Marty

As a proud father, vegan activist, and community advocate, Marty’s commitment to a more connected local and global community begins and ends with putting love ahead of selfishness, compassion ahead of cruelty, and reason and logic ahead of faith and self-interest. 

For Marty, veganism isn’t just a personal choice but the new evolutionary standard that he and his family aspire to every day in the choices they make, the businesses they invest in, and the community they choose to serve.

A BIG Personality, Marty has over 20 years experience on stage, in print and on the airwaves always poking the bear and cranking the volume!

  • Interviewing guests from around the globe, Marty wrote, produced, and starred in Marty The Health Guy on AM980 for Corus Entertainment from 2009-2013
  • Pushing his participants to the limit, Marty co-produced and starred in Rogers Television’s Challenge Accepted, their 3rd highest rated show in 2013 and 2014
  • A nationally published writer and Marty’s articles have appeared in SunMedia, CHILL and Optimyz Magazines while being featured on Canadian Living TV and CTV
  • A touring musician and recording artist, Marty played drums for STUTTER winning two Toronto Music Awards for their MuchMusic Video, ‘Twenty One’, and toured across Europe and Canada in the Blue Rodeo side-project The Pollyannas

Meet Glenn

With a lifestyle rooted environmentalism and a personal ethos dedicated to animal rights, Glenn Whitehead went from being a vegetarian for almost 30 years to becoming a committed vegan 5 years ago.

An activist at heart, Glenn has participated in protests, actions, and education for people, the planet, and animals for most of his life. He was born in Ottawa, but has lived coast-to-coast in Canada, and even lived in a truck for four years in the deserts of the SW.

He is a father of five, a husband, an entrepreneur, and a highly respected voice in the community of London, Ontario. He’s the founder and president of a local, boutique marketing agency Kre’Adiv House, past senior-vice president of Oxford Learning Centres, founding partner and owner of Plant Matter Kitchen, and founder and owner of Plant Matter Bistro and Plant Matter Cafe.

Glenn opened Plant Matter Kitchen to demonstrate to non-vegans how vegan food could be delicious, accessible, and completely satisfying. With Plant Matter Kitchen, and its sister restaurants, Glenn set out to create social, community-focused hubs for vegans and non-vegans alike, where the tone and environment reflect that of a diverse society where all ideas and opinions are welcome, and no one is ever excluded.

Being out in nature is where Glenn finds solace, taps into his creativity, and reconnects with the world around him. He’s a yoga-practising, athletic enthusiast who runs, rides, bikes, skis, boards, canoes, and pursues outdoor endeavours whenever he can.


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