Open Your Big Mouth & Make A Difference

Open Your Big Mouth & Make A Difference

My ‘big’ mouth possesses real power. The power to persuade. The power to compel. The power to influence positive change from negative actions. The power to make a fucking difference. And guess what…so does yours!

Our voices are a powerful tool for good and I challenge each & every one of us (myself included) to open our big mouths and start making a difference. That’s what TRV is about. That’s why we sit down at the mics each week. Because our voices can be both influence & challenge conventional norms. Our voices can organize & drive awareness. Our voices can & will influence behaviour for generations to come.

History is full of men & women who stood up and used their voices to instigate the necessary change in the world so desperately needed. That’s why there are massive economic & corporate forces at work to keep us quiet at all costs – because they know that nothing is more powerful than its customers and citizens standing up and voicing their dissent.

Fuck the status-quo.
Fuck the big agricultural establishment.
Fuck keeping our big mouths shut.

We’re on the right side of history and sharing ideas and shaping thoughts through vocal activism is our strongest tool to create the change that we want to see in the world.

I have a big mouth and I’m going to use it!

Marty ‘BIG MOUTH’ Menard

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