Beyond Meat Says It’ll Increase Vegan Burger Production 200% By Next Month

Live Kindly / 6 Jun 2018

Pioneering vegan meat company Beyond Meat has become so popular that the company continues to face inventory issues. The factory is expanding to meet the high demand.

In a letter addressed to its “Valued Customers,” Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown explains the overwhelming success the company has seen in a short time frame. “Over the past few months Beyond Meat has seen increased demand for our flagship Beyond Burger product that has far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations. Due to this increased demand and some unforeseen technical mechanical issues we experienced at our 3rd party co-packer, we will have continued limits on our ability to supply shipments of The Beyond Burger to you.

“To address this issue Beyond Meat has commissioned three additional production facilities and a new Beyond Meat production facility located in Columbia, Missouri – all expected to be operational in June 2018. These new facilities will increase The Beyond Burger output by more than 200% within the next four weeks,” Brown continued who later added the company expects a “100% fill rate on Beyond Meat orders by no later than July 6th [due to the new facilities]… I assure you that providing you with your full complement of Beyond Meat products is our highest priority.”

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