Episode #1 – A Response to Sun Media’s “War On Veganism”

If The London Free Press’ recent articles (here & here) about the vegan community got you fired up, then you’ll definitely want to tune into this podcast. Join Glenn Whitehead and Marty Menard in their first airing of Two Reasonable Vegans, to hear their perspectives on the capitalization of the vegan movement, the misplaced concept of ’victimization’, and a food fight happening in the Forest City that has little to do about food itself and much to do about the politics of food. Also get a glimpse into their support for local businesses and London’s grassroots vegan movement, the comforts and discomforts of social change, and the importance of protest. A podcast like no other, Two Reasonable Vegans is sure to turn heads, get things heated, and move the conversation forward.

We’re passionate, we know! We do our best to get all of our facts straight, but sometimes we slip up when we’re caught up in the moment, and we want to correct and clarify a few things we said in Episode One: 

  • when Marty mentioned a “Facebook bitch”, it may have come across as if he was calling a particular person a “bitch”, however he was using the word in the context of a “Facebook rant”;
  • Glenn mentioned that there are trillions of victims, however the number is closer to 50-60 billion; 
  • we noted how the news articles were published by Sun Media, however it is Postmedia Network; 
  • Glenn mentioned Cuddy Farms, however he meant Cargill

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