Episode #3 – Art & Culture

In Glenn and Marty’s third episode, they take a look at how a new wave of mass consumption is invoking change, and how art—particularly music, in this case—is indeed a weapon that can change our perspective. Costco recently sold over 1 million veggie burgers in 60 days… that’s 16,666 burgers each day! This shift in purchasing power shows us how consumers and big business in North America are recognizing that vegan is the future. Another seismic shift indicating the spread of veganism—specifically its tenants of tolerance and justice—is taking place in the world of art and culture. An important figure in this shift is Lenny Kravitz, who is using his music to raise awareness about problems involving animal agriculture, extreme violence, war crimes, etc. His art is moving the conversation forward, and serves as a tool of encouragement to Glenn and Marty in this inspiring episode of Two Reasonable Vegans.

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