Sparking A Shift in Consciousness

This podcast isn’t about a restaurant.

It’s not about a sensationalized article in the paper either.

Those things are the spark for a greater conversation. That’s what we are talking about today.

It’s about how we can be divided and mislead. It’s about getting woke. It’s about the anger and vitriol towards vegans from industry, restaurants, and meat-eaters in general.

Why are people angry? I think it’s because they are uncomfortable. They know what’s happening to animals. They, in their hearts, can understand that the way we treat animals is wrong.

But, people don’t want to change. And, when the pressure and awareness increases – they dig in. They lash out and they fight. Change is always met with violent push-back. Violent physically, or mentally, or emotionally – whatever form – violence is violence, and it’s happening every day.

A sensationalized headline covering a one-sided story paints vegans as a problem. They are not.

I personally know vegans who have been assaulted, spit on, screamed at, insulted, cut off, arrested, harassed, bullied, and trolled – by everyone from strangers to family members and co-workers.

Vegans are on the front-line of a shift in consciousness – a shift towards understanding that life – in-and-of-itself – is of inherent value. And that we have been taught a lie – all animals are conscious and sentient. This means they think, feel, have emotions and emotional connections and want to live. And, they deserve that right. This is what we are fighting for.

A restaurant’s decision, a vegan’s comment on social media, and a misleading article in the paper are ultimately inconsequential. This conversation goes far beyond that.


– Glenn Whitehead

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