Eating Vegan Is The Most Effective Way To Combat Climate Change, Says Largest-Ever Food Production Analysis

Live Kindly / 1 Jun 2018

Vegan food can literally save the Earth, according to new research. Talk about the power of plants.

A new study published in the journal Science details the largest-ever analysis of the impact that food production has on the planet. The study concluded that ditching or reducing animal products in the diet and in commodities is the single most effective way to reduce one’s environmental impact.

Researchers gathered the data from a comprehensive base of information. It looked at about 40,000 farms from across 119 countries, specifically focusing on the production of 40 key food products that account for 90 percent of total food consumed. The environmental impact of these foods was assessed with the basis of land allocation, carbon emissions that contribute to climate change, freshwater usage, air pollution (“acidification”), and water pollution (“eutrophication”).

The research showed that while 80 percent of the globe’s total farmland is used to rear livestock, this produces just 18 percent of total food calories and 35 percent of protein. It also accounts for 58 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, 57 percent of water pollution, and 56 percent of air pollution.


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