Episode #5 – Guest Rob McNeil

Activism is happening all over. Grassroots activism is on the rise—from The Save Movement to DxE and more—the fight is on and being taken to the streets.

Rob McNeil is in a unique position to CONNECT THE DOTS and BRING COMMUNITIES TOGETHER. A vegan for the animals right out of the gates, Rob brings a peaceful and inclusive approach to foster new groups, associations, and ultimately, activists. Rob believes that to be a vegan and NOT be an activist is like watching a blind man walking toward a hole and not do anything.

We couldn’t agree more. Rob took a few minutes to discuss activism and his summer vacation plans on the Live Intentional Vegan Experience (L.I.V.E) tour through the Midwestern United States.

For more information on the tour, visit L.I.V.E on social media:


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