Why school trips to abattoirs are essential

The Guardian / 3 July 2018

If the slaughterhouses had glass walls, would anyone still buy their meat?

As a vegan, I support Countryfile presenter Tom Heap’s call for children to be taken on school trips to abattoirs. Why not – if you think the truth about what you eat is so horrific it must be kept secret, doesn’t that mean you are helping to cover up something you think is horrific?

Meat-eating is a huge part of our lives and one that is shrouded in fairytale. Illustrations in children’s books depict gorgeous, spacious farms with a handful of joyful animals. Supermarkets offer “happy eggs”, sausages from “jolly” hogs and the meat of “free range” chicken. McDonald’s has even given children a smiling toy cow when they buy a burger

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