Appetite for Veganism Continues to Grow in London

Press Release / 4 July 2018

London, ON — Launched on June 18, 2018, a new vegan player came to town, but it isn’t another restaurant, food truck, or catering business.
Making veganism a conversation worth tuning in to, the new Two Reasonable Vegans podcast hosted by London marketer and restaurateur Glenn Whitehead and Fanshawe professor Marty Menard has been gaining both subscribers and attention.
On Friday, June 22, Menard, long-time vegetarian and recent vegan convert, appeared on 1290 CJBK’s The Morning Show with Ken & Lisa. During the Friday Round Table discussion, he explained the reason he and Whitehead launched the Two Reasonable Vegans podcast:

“There is a really underexposed side of veganism… No one really talks about the actual issues the same way you would talk about normal social, political, or economic issues,” Menard said.

On the show, Menard chats about the whirlwind fascination of the Beyond Meat Burger®, about veganism being more about politics than health, about the horrific nature of factory farming, and more.

Since the launch of the Two Reasonable Vegans podcast, Menard and Whitehead have five episodes recorded and available for streaming and viewing. Each episode covers current vegan events and news:

Episode one launched the show by examining a food fight happening in the Forest City that had little to do with food itself, and much to do with food politics. In episode two, they discuss questions about protest: Do extreme protests help or hurt the vegan cause? Can minds be changed about animal by-product consumption in other ways? In their third episode, they look at how a new wave of mass consumption is invoking change, and how art is indeed a weapon that can change our perspective. In episode four, Glenn and Marty explore the notion of looking at the world through a vegan lens and applying reason and rational thought in long-form discussions to further the dialogue and propel veganism forward. Finally, episode five focuses on the rise of grassroots activism and the fights being taken to the streets, featuring guest Rob McNeil, anti-speciesist and organizer of the LIVE Lovebased Intentional Vegan Experience tour.

With more episodes in the works, the Two Reasonable Vegans podcast will continue to tackle controversial topics, digging deep and debating, arguing, and discussing the issues that matter most, not only to veganism, but to anyone with an appetite for informed food choices.

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