Why It’s Impossible for PETA to Get Behind the Impossible Burger

PETA / 27 July 2018

Impossible Foods’ slogan, “Made from Plants,” is missing one huge and disturbing detail: “tested on animals.” That’s right, Impossible Foods, the maker of the Impossible Burger, decided voluntarily to test one of its burger ingredients—soy leghemoglobin—by feeding it to a total of 188 rats in three separate tests, killing them, and cutting them up, none of which it has ever been required to do in order to market its products. And the company did it after disregarding advice from a PETA scientist who said that there’s no need to hurt and kill animals to test its burger.

Impossible Foods’ own website touts, “Feel good about biting into an Impossible Burger,” but we can’t. How could anyone feel good about eating something from a company that chose to feed caged rats “massive doses” of a substance before they were killed and their bodies were cut up?

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