Mission “Impossible Foods”

2RV Tackles the Big Question: “Does the End Justify the Means?”

The vegan community has recently been grilling Impossible Foods, the California-based company whose mission is to “make meat using plants, so the world will never have to use animals again.” It was revealed that Impossible Foods agreed to participate in animal testing to earn official approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In a nutshell, Impossible Foods voluntarily had 180 rats killed to test their proprietary ingredient “heme”, which is what gives their burgers that “beefy” flavor.

Join Glenn and Marty on this episode as they delve into both sides of the controversy: Did Impossible Foods do the right thing? Are advocates for veganism justified in their outrage, or has their absolutism lead them to missing the bigger picture? Join Two Reasonable Vegans for what is sure to ruffle a few feathers!

One thought on “Mission “Impossible Foods”

  • kelly smith

    Thanks again for putting reason at the forefront of our movement. Great topic, discussion and conclusions as always. Merci gentlemen!

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