A 2RV Roundtable With Earthling Ed and Abby McCuaig

After a powerful day of bearing witness at Cargill, EARTHLING ED (animal activist, co-founder and co-director Surge: a grassroots animal rights organization whose mission is to end all animal oppression, organizer of the official animal rights march, and documentarian) and ABBY MCCQUAIG (animal activist, event organizer for the London Save Movement and the London Pig Save, and committee member for VegFest London) stopped by the 2RV table to share in a spirited conversation with Glenn and Marty about the importance of compassionate and strategic activism, how the food choices we make are linked to morality and consciousness, how veganism is ultimately rooted in logic, and how knowledge truly is power. Tune into this special episode of Two Reasonable Vegans for an hour of inspiring conversation between four brilliant minds that empowers, encourages, educates, and engages the public on the various tenants of veganism.

3 thoughts on “A 2RV Roundtable With Earthling Ed and Abby McCuaig

  • kelly smith

    A passionate, educational and inspiring episode with “The Four Musketeers of Animal Activism”: Ed, Abby, Glenn and Marty! Thanks as always for showcasing these conversations for us 🙂

  • Vegan for life

    I like you guys and love Earthling Ed. Just a friendly suggestion for the hosts: stop saying “fuck” and “shit” in every sentence. It doesn’t make you sound cool nor intelligent.

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