The Man Who Didn’t Speak For A Year: Special Guest James Aspey Joins The 2RV Roundtable

He went from not liking animals to dedicating his life to advocating on their behalf. Australian vegan activist James Aspey began his vegan journey with a twelve-month vow of silence “to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.” Foremost an advocate for animal rights who now travels the world to spread and promote the cause, James once suffered from bulimia, battled cancer when he was 17, began appreciating animals when he was 26, committed to a 24-hour tattoo session to raise awareness for animals and money for animal charities, and has given hundreds of talks about veganism—to name a few of his achievements.

Tune into this special episode of 2RV to learn about James’s transformational journey from meat eater to vegan activist, and to listen as Glenn, Marty, and James discuss how logic is at the root of their vegan journeys, share statistics that illustrate the tragedy of the meat industry, reflect on the impact and importance of bearing witness, debate the media’s influence and the impact of messaging on the narrative of eating meat, confer on the legality of classifying eggs as a health food, unpack the successes of of vegan cuisine among non-vegans and non-vegetarians, and wonder at non-dairy milk sale successes in the United States, and so much more!

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